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Assemblée Générale Annuelle de la CPAC 2008  /   CAPC Annual General Assembly 2008



Gatineau, November 01, 2008                                       


Grand Council of Chiefs (CAPC)

PTO’S: Labrador – Newfoundland , New Brunswick ,

              Nova Scotia , Québec , Ontario , Manitoba ,

              Saskatchewan , Alberta , Yukon- North West Territories                      



Subject: Our Annual General Assembly 2008.



Dear Chiefs and Members,


It is this time again and every year to hold our General Annual Assembly. As you all know this is the perfect time to make and provide a report to you all informing you of what was accomplished in the last year.


This year, has been a very special year for us in our Aboriginal development. We have made some serious steps in growth. We are now in a position to represent our members in ways that have never been achieved before. Our Confederation has also created and opened within its structure new Divisions that will be presented at the AGA. There will also be a presentation by a United Nations Universal declaration of rights performed by a delegation that represents the United Nations.


You will be able in the future to inform your members that we have access to new ideas and procedures to bring to a complete halt the multiple aggressions that the Canadian and provincial governments have undertaken against our people.  A representative of the United Nations will be part of our presentation for the Universal Declaration of the Charter of Rights of the United Nations. There will also be discussions of our new offices that are opened in Paris . There will also be discussions regarding f the new direction that we have taken to protect our rights. Additionally, our Confederation of Aboriginal People of Canada has undertaken 3 new projects regarding Economical Development. The process that we have put in place could be brought directly to you territories.

I wish to inform you that Food and Accommodations will be assumed by our Confederation for the PTO attending our AGA.

The General Annual Assembly will be held on December the 6th 2008 in Rivière-Bleue Québec.

Address: 81, rue St-Joseph Nord , Rivière Bleu. Qc , G0L 2B0

For information call Monique at 418-893-1886

In Conclusion, I invite you to please confirm your presence A.S.A.P and also the presence of the people that will be attending this AGA.   Until then, may the Creator always guide you on the path of success and honesty.




C.S. G. Carle

Guillaume Carle

National Grand Chief



Proposed Agenda for the AGA

Scheduled for Saturday, December 6, 2008

Location: 81 St-Joseph Nord Street, Rivière-Bleue, QC, G0L 2B0

For information, please call Monique at 418-893-1886.


  • Opening Prayer

  • Opening of the Meeting

  • Opening and Welcoming Remarks

  • Approval of proposed agenda

  • Discussion of territorial offices

  • New National Housing Division and team

  • Report of our new recognition at the U.N.

  • Membership for each Territory

  • Implication of the United Nations

  • Economical Development and Strategies

  • Correspondence

  • Financial report (Noëlla Leduc, Accountant)

  • Territorial report

  • Other Business

  • International U.N. Presentation

  • Closing Prayer

  • Closing of the meeting






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